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Foshan Shunde Levio Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Add : No.6 Yanjiang West Road,Daliang,Shunde,Foshan,China.
Contact : May Chan (Foreign Manager)
Tel : +86 15986193405
E-mail : leviomachine@163.com
Skype : maychen182

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Company Aim: To Produce the best glass machines of China.
Company Tenet: Integrity is fundamental, Quality utmost.
Service Concepts: Respect, Scientific, Efficient

1.For product: Supply our customers with world top-ranking machine.
2.For Customer: The best friendship-service to our customers.
3.For management: Improve product and service quality fast with advanced technology, create and response to request of the market and customers.

+86 15986193405 leviomachine@163.com +86 15986193405 No.6 Yanjiang West Road,Daliang,Shunde,Foshan,China.
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